JTrack Online

JTrack Online is an online advertising management and creation tool used internally by the sales, creative, and ad operations teams within Forum Communications.

Prior to JTrack Online, getting an online ad created and placed into the advertising system was a disjointed mess of forms located in various places and using FTP to transfer files. I was given the task to build a central cohesive system that could be quickly and easily used by all of the teams involved.

The end result was JTrack Online, which ties into the billing software to automatically pull in new ads, as well as allow the sales team manage all of the ads they sold in the past. The sales team has the ability to upload files through the system, which can be downloaded by the creative team for use in the ad creation process. An ad proof is automatically created once the ad has been finished and uploaded by the creative team, which allows both the sales team and the client to preview the ad. Finally, the ad operations team will get notifications once an ad is ready to go and are given the ability to download the ad from JTrack Online to put into the ad delivery system.

Other features, such as email notifications, the ability to request ad changes and ad reports, and other communication tools were all built in to JTrack Online, as well as reporting tools, which can be exported into a CSV spreadsheet.

JTrack Online was built in PHP along with a MSSQL relational database structure. It also incorporates JQuery to enhance the user experience for all of the departments.

PHP | MSSQL | JQuery | HTML | CSS | Photoshop