Inforum, the area's largest news content website that averages 10 million page views per month, is structured on a custom built CMS using ColdFusion paired with a MySQL database. The CMS has been used as the framework for Forum Communications Company's 35 newspaper websites across four states.

I have worked alongside other team members to create, modify, update and enhance the CMS to suit the needs of the newspapers, as well as had a hand in two redesigns of the websites. The newest redesign heavily implemented Javascript, with an emphasis on JQuery, to enhance the user experience and bring the websites up to modern standards.

One aspect that I worked closely on is the JobsHQ/ApartmentsHQ/Marketplace widgets that are seen throughout the sites. The widgets are written with JQuery and pass keywords and newspaper location variables to to custom built PHP scripts that output JSON feeds.

A small sample of websites based on this CMS:

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