Heather and Thistle Pipes and Drums

As well as being the drum sergeant and drummer for the local bagpipe band, Heather and Thistle Pipes and Drums, I have also become the resident multimedia expert.

The band started performing together in 1992 and still had no official logo almost 20 years later. I designed a series of logos for the band, with the members voting on which logo they liked the best. The logo has since been used to create t-shirts, window clings, and magnetic signs to put on vehicles during parades.

In addition to designing the band logo, I have also shot and edited footage of the band performing at different events. I filmed the 2011 Kirkin o' the Tartans performance using a two camera setup and edited together the footage from two different performances.

I also shot and edited footage of the band performing 'When the Pipers Play' in front of the Fargo Theatre and the Fargodome. The two videos were submitted to the Glasgow International Piping Festival for their World's Largest Pipealong video. The videos were used in a montage that was screened during the festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

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